Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wild Flower Watch IV

On Sunday you might remember I posted a single piccie of a wild flower and said I would try to post more on Tuesday.
Well it’s Tuesday.
It is a case of what a difference a week makes!
A fortnight ago I posted a piccie of a solitary Waxlip Orchid I found. Last week I saw hundreds in the cemetery.
This week they were all but gone! After a hunt I found this single bloom (which is past its best).
It reinforces my determination to try to be here every week over the spring.
So what else is new?
As soon as I arrived I saw these delectable little flowers, like most of the flowers I have seen so far they are tiny about 3mm (1/8 inch). 
I haven’t managed to identify them yet but in form I would guess they are a “pea” species
Then I saw another, similar to the ones I have been shooting before, 
but I think a different species.
And once again I have managed a “rule of thumb” to show how small they are.
Buds of the same species.
There are sundews everywhere in the cemetery, so thick it is hard to avoid stepping on them.
The common name of these is “Milkmaids”  
a Burchardia species
This is a “Common Trigger Plant” Stylidium armeria
A close up
They are called “trigger plants” because when an insect lands to collect nectar,
 this part slams up and dabs their back with pollen

Yet another, slightly different pea.
The last piccie I took on the day was the Twining Fringe Lily I posted the other day.


Vicki Rocho said...

LOVE the pics. Fall is in full swing here -- no more flowers for us!

Linda G. said...

So beautiful! I love your flower pics as much as your waterfall pics. :)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Beautiful botanical pictures. It is amazing what modern cameras can do but in the end such beauty is literally in the eye of the beholder who beholds the camera.