Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jaws? Jaws schmaws!

For those of you who dropped in looking for Wild Flower Watch I must apologise.
Yesterday was rainy and wet and today family business took us up the Yarra Valley.

After our business was concluded we went for a picnic by the Upper Yarra River. The area we were in was not in the National Park so Lilli came with us.
As you know Lilli is a ball retrieving maniac.  Well one of the things she likes more than retrieving a ball is retrieving a ball and getting wet doing it!

So this little photo essay is about Lilli and her imitation of a fearsome aquatic beast.

Lilli standing at the edge of the river beseeching Lu (my youngest) to throw the ball.

Lilly leaping energetically into the current after said ball.

Closing in for a kill! Jaws has nothing on Lilli!

Doing what most Labradors do best: retrieving!

Landing with  her prey.

And finally, sharing the fun!

Now for those of you who didn’t get a wild flower fix

This lovely callistemon was growing on the Yarra river bank.

There are dozens of species of callistemons in all sorts of colours, from this lemon, to purples, pinks and reds. A number of species have the common name of “bottle-brush” and you can see why!


mshatch said...

yay for a happy dog!!! I'm about to take mine on a play date which will make him very happy :)

Old Kitty said...

Awww lovely Lilli and wonderful wild flowers on a Sunday are just perfect! Yay! Take care

Christine said...

Lilli wearing her beseeching look is my favourite. Gorgeous Callistemons too.