Friday, October 19, 2012

Rhinos on our Streets?

Well in a slightly odd move I posted this image for my WIIW on Wednesday. 

It was cropped from a larger poster that is part of a public safety campaign that has been running in Melbourne over recent months.
So is Melbourne really over run by skateboarding rhinos?

Not quite.

But it is full of these things.
Trams are very much a part of the Melbourne street-scape.

Unfortunately a distressing number of jaywalkers have ended up underneath trams.

And unusually in pedestrian fatalities the biggest group was 18-35 year olds.

The problem people was focused on phones and texting walking out in front of the lumbering chunks of steel.

To the credit of Yarra Trams they realised the younger audience needed something other than an authoritarian “be careful crossing roads” message.

They came up with an attention grabbing campaign which was this beasty 
and it appeared on tram stops everywhere.
The multilingual approach is the latest iteration.  
Now that is definitely enough of being serious.

Now to points!

John D said “Its a sign in a special geriatric animal zoo in Belgrade. It warns: Oprez U godinama beo novac koji se kreće na temelju skateboards. It means, in English: Caution - Aged white rhinos moving on skateboards.

John you have me convinced! I will pay that one 85%!

Linda G was a bit literal to qualify as quirky (unusually) with:  “Well, the rhino obviously represents danger. So I'm guessing it means "Beware of Skateboarders." Which is something we all should do. I got mowed down by a skateboarder once, and it was painful.”

I have been mown down by a skateboarder too! Not fun! Sympathy points of 50%!

Jennifer, (AKA Old Kitty) said “Area Reserved for Skateboarding Rhinos.”

Which is clearly nonsense! And therefore exactly the sort of answer I was looking for. That rates 85% as well!

Jai is in the literal camp as well with “I'm wondering if it's maybe a description of skateboarding techniques. The first has the skateboard level and the second has the front wheels slightly lifted. Maybe?”

Alas not 50%.

Christine had a bet either way with: "Beware of something heavy and slow-moving on wheels; it might pick up speed and cause you injury."
Which is pretty close to what the campaign is actually saying so I guess that is worth a good 60%.
Then the icing was Christine’s quirky “On the other hand, it might mean 'love your rhinocerous and take him to the skate park as you will be richly rewarded.' Has WIIW become OTWW (off the wall Wednesday)?”

Yes it has Christine for this week at least, that deserves a bonus 85% which means  Christine’s total score is 145%!!!

Is that even possible? I guess in an OTWW post it is!

Marcy wondered: “Beware skating rhinos? Surely not...”

As your answer is strictly true I guess you get 50%. Alas it is unfortunately not skating rhinos, it is something even more dangerous.


Jai Joshi said...

Well, I'm glad I wasn't right. My answer was totally dumb.

What a great public safety campaign idea. Makes a lot of sense when you explain it.


mshatch said...

I'm very glad I was wrong! And these sorts of accidents - pedestrians too focused on their phones to notice where they're going - are becoming more common everywhere.

Christine said...

What a good idea to have a campaign like that. I hope it results in zero accidents. Thanks for the WIIW fun.