Friday, October 26, 2012

What on Earth Was it?

Well this WIIW led to some very creative attempts.
Not one of them was close!

John said: “a stained glass window”
And added, “btw Chris loved Melbourne on his recent visit!”

Nope, not a piece of glass involved in this piccie, the image does seem to glow so I can see how you came at your guess. I suspect you will like the answer.

Btw, I am pleased Chris enjoyed Melbourne, as it goes it is a lovely city.

Christine had help with her guess: “Committee decision here, Al. Our little writers' group thinks that this is a rainy day in Melbourne: grass, a path and some water, maybe with fishes.”

Strictly no water here, although as you will see in a moment there may have been a different source of moisture.

Old Kitty guessed “It looks like colours of a woolly hat!!”
I agree it looks almost exactly like some felted creations of Deb’s

But it isn’t, although as you will see there is some fuzz involved.

Linda G went down a similar path to Christine with: “Looks like a view of a beach from above to me.”

Nope it is very much smaller!

Jai had her analytic hat on … “I'm gonna go totally out on a limb and say it's a guy sideways. The blue is his shirt, the white a belt, the green his trousers. I'm probably totally wrong but the curve of the picture makes me think that it can't be a landscape. At least I don't think so.”

The curve is the clue, and I can see what you are stabbing at, but no.

Finally Marcy said: “Grass, patio or edge of pool, water/pool.”

Much smaller, in fact something very blown up.

It is…

Lilli doing one of her favourite things!

(I suspect her absolute favourite thing is to curl up next to someone on a lounge chair).


Jayne said...

I would have guessed a fuzzy jumper. Lilli looks incredibly happy in that lovely photo! Hope all is good with you, Al. :-)

Old Kitty said...

"The curve is the clue"!! What curve?!?! LOL!!!

Awwww but it's lovely Lilli's ball so yay!!! Take care

Christine said...

I would never, ever have guessed Lilli's ball. How shall I report back to the committee? H. was certain that she could see 'fish eyes in the water'!!!

Lilli looks very healthy and happy.

mshatch said...

That was a hard one!

Jai Joshi said...

Oh no way! We don't even get tennis in green and blue over here! I'm jealous.