Thursday, October 25, 2012

Speaking Out

I won't answer my WIIW tonight.
A quick clue, it is two things,  neither is anything like landscape sized. AND I have posted about them recently.

Now I wanted to quickly mention an important post Kathleen Jones has made about speaking out about child abuse.

I was really touched and very impressed by her post. Speaking out is a vital first step toward change.

My Piccie of the Day is a of dawn  I shot a few years ago in western Victoria.


mshatch said...

Wow, absolutely beautiful. Don't you just love the light at the beginning and end of day?

Jai Joshi said...

Thanks for the link to Kathleen's post.

I'm still stumped on your WIIW pic. No idea what it could be.


Kathleen Jones said...

Thanks for the mention Al!
I was stumped by the pic too!