Friday, October 5, 2012

Car Woes times 2!

Well today, I had just settled at my desk at work when I realised I had not one, but four missed calls from my middle daughter Io.
I rang her back straight away, "I was on the way to work and the car has been pranged ," said a tearful voice, "I'm OK but I'm stuck by the side of the road."
Io volunteers at a St Vincent de Paul shop twice a week and drives there because she has just qualified for her licence and the bus trip is nearly three hours. She uses her older sister's former car which has kind of become the "spare car" for the two younger girls to learn to drive. It has 300,000 km on it but has been reliable so we have kept it on the road.

I was in the city at the wrong end of a 90 minute train ride and half hour drive after that to help. So it was obvious I couldn't help much myself. So the first thing was a call around to see if E our eldest or Deb were at least near enough to lend moral support.
E wasn't reachable, she left early for one of her clinical pracs for her speech pathology degree. Deb was still near home having decided to start late.
So Deb headed off in the direction of the scene, while I began phoning around for tow-trucks and the like.

After an hour or so the car was on a tow truck on the way to the shop, the next thing is deciding if it is worth fixing. Deb said it didn't look too bad but the driver's door wouldn't close properly. If we're lucky it will just be a door from a wrecker's.

So all that sorted and I went back to a rather demanding set of tasks at work.

So this afternoon, as I am just about to get ready to head out of work, E, our eldest phones and says, "Dad, I've got a flat tyre and I'm stuck by the side of the road."

So my piccie of the day is a transport themed one - the Bolte Bridge at Port Melbourne.
Bolte Bridge Melbourne


Christine said...

Oh my goodness! Double trouble! Hope both your daughters are okay, with or without their wheels.

In your pic. I like the orange glowing streetlights against the blue/white lights on the bridge.

Linda G. said...

Oh, ugh! I hate car woes. But the pic is pretty. :)

Kathleen Jones said...

Poor Io! Your first prang is always horrible. So lucky that she's ok and the car only slightly damaged.

Lisa said...

Ah, kids and cars. Sometimes I think it was just easier when they needed rides every where!