Thursday, October 4, 2012

Definitely not Greece

Well I said this WIIW wouldn’t be too hard.
Nobody is exactly right, but a few people are close enough so that it is time to award points!

Anne guessed: “Distorted out of focus waves.”

Well Anne, I can’t say it isn’t waves although the image is actually in focus. What has caused the distortion is movement through the frame on a long exposure.
So not quite right but close enough to earn 80%!

Jenifer (AKA Old Kitty) said: “It's a detail of a feather!”
It’s more aquatic than avian, alas 0%.

Linda G said: “To me it looks like clouds viewed from above. I've seen similar images from an airplane window.”
 So have I, similar images, but that is not it. 0% :-(

Sharon said: “I think it is a close up of a water scene on a watercolor painting...”
 Fabulous guess! But not right, it is a water scene though so I will award 75%.

Dawn said: “My guess is clouds, though I also thought of waves.”
 Unfortunately it isn’t clouds, but the second thought earns 50%.

Christine guessed: “Well, Al, I'm thinking watery or feathery and I think I'll opt for watery. Part of a stretch of water, maybe flood water?”

First of all welcome back after a long absence Christine!
Second, well guessed, you aren’t exactly right but I would say that earns a good 95%!

So here is the reveal,

I posted this piccie on 25 August just past. As the light was failing I paused to take this piccie of the rain-swollen Acheron river in Victoria’s Central Highlands.


mshatch said...

I would never have guessed that. I thought it looked like clouds.

Christine said...

Thanks for the welcome back, Al. I guess we see so many swollen rivers here in the Northwest of England that similar views are now in my subconscious. I look forward to further WIIWs.

Old Kitty said...


Well I was certainly fooled! Yay! Take care