Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wild Flower Watch VI

Six weeks into my spring wildflower watch and I am still finding new delights in the old Queenstown Cemetery.

Down among the grass stems I found this little thing almost instantly. 
It is tiny, green spears in the background are grass blades.
Once again I have no idea what it is. My nasty suspicious mind wonders if it is a weed, but it is pretty in any case.

As always there are zillions of sundews busy munching small insects.
The bright sunny day lit up this Button Everlasting beautifully, I think this one is Coronidium scorpioides
The bright sun made it a little hard shooting this spray of Spotted Sun Orchids.
But it got their petals glistening beautifully.
Speaking of glisten, the petals of this Twining Fringe Lily look as if a fairy has dusted them.
I also like this piccie as it shows how it gets the name ‘twining’ again it is minute, those are dry grass stems it is twined around.


mshatch said...

those are very pretty. Love the way they glimmer :)

Jai Joshi said...

That first pic is lovely. There are lots of weeds that are pretty.