Friday, October 12, 2012

Maybe Al is a Cad?

This week’s WIIW caused a lot more angst than I expected.

Christine who commented first said “Easy! Not to me it isn't! I confess that I'm stumped. I'll have to wait for the reveal. I've been enjoying your recent flower pics, by the way.”

As I said in my clue the answer was “closer than you think”, I’ll award 40% for that answer (you’ll have to wait to see why below)

Deniz said “Oh, I love these! Okay, I think it's the edge of a plate/dish

I am pleased you enjoy them! I have fun too. I can see the plate/dish thing especially one of those colourful melamine ones. But it wasn’t! 30% for that answer.

Linda G said “I get very nervous when you say "easy."

Hmmm. Looks like the edge of a plate to me, too. Maybe a paper plate. Either that or the back of an iridescent shrimp.”
Nervous? I’m hurt deeply hurt! J
I can see the shrimp too, except of course it isn’t, 30% + 10% for the shrimp!

Jai went with the popular kitchen items theme saying “Looks like the edge of a bowl to me. Or even the edge of a shiny reflecting spoon.”

Marcy crushed my feelings too with a “you always say it's easy and it never is!”

Then she headed in a completely different direction with “I was going to guess a close-up droplet of water on a plant leaf. But honestly I have no clue.”

Self doubt? I’ll hold off awarding points for that one, except I will say again my clue was the answer was “closer than you think”.

Kristen M said “I'm thinking shell”

I can see that too! And of course not so long ago I posted part of this Abalone as a WIIW 
and it looks very similar to this one. I’ll award 40% for that guess too!

Susan, as usual, was a straight speaker with “Well, phooey on you for saying how "easy" this one is. That's kinda like a game show host saying how easy a question is... because he has the answer written on the paper he's holding in his hand. Looks like you got me again. The back of a shrimp? Nah. Ya got me.”

Nope not a shrimp! But that sas deserves 45%.

Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) guessed “It's a button!”

It does kind of look like a button that is another 40%.

So now to the reveal.
Two people mentioned the solution, hence my clue.
Christine specifically mentioned my “recent flower pics” in fact I posted flowers just on Tuesday.

But the person who takes the cake this week is Marcy with her guess of - “I was going to guess a close-up droplet of water on a plant leaf.”

If you had stopped there you would have earned a cool 100%. But you next self-doubting sentence “But honestly I have no clue.” knocks that back down to 70% because:

Only the night before on my wildflower post was this image of a Sundew, with on its leaf - a drop of water!


Old Kitty said...

It's a droplet!!! LOL!!!!!

You are beyond fiendish!! LOL!!

Take care

Linda G. said...

Yes, maybe Al IS a cad. *grin*

Christine said...

Oh, so I'm not observant after all! Perhaps blog followers should award a cad rating after the reveal for each WIIW: no cad, tad of a cad or total cad, depending on whether we are left smirking after doing justice to a good challenge, or snapping our pencils in frustration and flouncing off to someone else's blog. (Joking, Al - I never flounce.)

Kristen M. said...

Well, you would have been a cad if it really was part of that abalone again. ;) Thanks for the 40%. It might be the closest I've been in a while!