Monday, October 22, 2012

Hilda VIII: Church

Well Hilda has languished a little this past week.
As you know I write on the train on my way to and from work. Well this week I have been thinking more about my other WIP Veil of Iron than writing on either.  I say thinking because I have a plot problem I want to sort out and it has me stumped.
The net result is not much writing at all. Although I have done little with Hilda, as I said last week I am somewhat ahead of tonight’s extract.
Anyway, the extract this week follows on immediately from last week. Hilda is still anxiously awaiting her parents’ verdict on whether she can take the scholarship Miss Wilson has arranged for her to go to High School.

‘There’s Miss Wilson,’ Hilda turned to her mother, ‘can I sit with her?’
‘Of course dear.’
Hilda almost skipped toward her teacher, ‘Good morning Miss Wilson.’
Miss Wilson turned at her voice, a warm smile lit her face, ‘Good morning Hilda.’
‘Can I sit with you in church today?’
‘Yes, you may sit with me.’ Just a hint of emphasis on the word “may”.
‘Oh, I’m sorry. May I sit with you today.’
‘Of course.’
Hilda walked beside Miss Wilson into the church. Reverend Jarret, the vicar smiled and nodded, ‘Good morning Miss Wilson, good morning Hilda.’
Hilda liked old Jarret, his sermons always seemed to focus on the nicer parts of the bible. There was never much “Hell fire and damnation” from the old man.
As they settled on the wooden pew Miss Wilson passed Hilda a prayer book. ‘I’d have thought you had enough of me at school?’
‘Miss Wilson, you shouldn’t say that. I love every moment of school!’
‘Even trying to teach Bess Tomlinson her seven time’s table?’
‘Even that!’
‘Well I must say you are more dedicated than I.’ Her teacher paused, ‘Have your parents said anything to you?’
‘Not yet, Mum says they are still talking about it.’
‘We must take it as a good sign, they haven’t given you an outright “no”. We should say a prayer that they’ll make the right decision.’

Now as I say Goodnight a piccie of the day:
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Old Kitty said...

I hope Hilda's parents say yes!!

Take care

Christine said...

Hope you solve your plot problem soon. Is 'Veil of Iron' the sequel to 'Veiled in Shadows'?

Carolyn V said...

I hope her parents let her go to high school!

I also hope you break free of the slump. They're the worst.