Friday, December 14, 2012

Second Time Around

This WIIW piccie didn’t get a correct answer first time around.
With a couple of clues guesses have been closer to the mark.

Kristen said: “My first thought the other day was a bridge because the small lights look like headlights. But I don't know why there would be so much light below!”

It is not a bridge, and in fact the “light below” is thrown by something very like a headlight. 40%

Linda G said: “I'll take a stab at it today: is it a sports field at night?”

Not a sports field. But it is at night. 40%

 Misha said: “a car driving really fast on a road at night, so it blurred in the photo?”

You are so close! That is exactly how the image was formed! But it wasn’t a car. 60%

John G said: “its a street light!!!”

Sorry John it isn’t.

Which brings us to Marcy who guessed: “A plane maybe? Landing or Taking off at night?”

That’s it! A plane coming in to land at night. 100%

As you know I was in Queensland for a conference earlier in the week.

I stayed in a hotel in the Goldcoast suburb Coolangatta. Me being me I dragged my camera gear with me on the off chance of having a moment to take some piccies.

Well on Monday night I headed out to the beach and turned my camera towards the lights of Surfers Paradise 20 kilometres away across the bay.

Being a night shot I took a long exposure which left a streak of light across the frame. 

The bright bar of light is the landing lights of an airliner coming in to land at Coolangatta airport.
The dots above it are the intermittently flashing navigation lights

I am not a fan of the Goldcoast. Too much like the rat-race at the beach.

But it does look pretty at night.


Old Kitty said...

Yay for Marcy! Take care

Linda G. said...

Congrats to Marcy! That was a tough one.

Christine said...

Yes indeed - congrats to Marcy! That was a tricky one. I didn't even have a second try.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

YAY, Marcie!!!

Carolyn V said...

Wow! I had no idea! It's so bright up in the dark sky!