Friday, December 28, 2012

Is Al making things too easy?

Last week my WIIW was guessed outright. 
This week things are pretty close to that again. 

Maybe I am making it too easy?
Michael said: “It looks like water.”
Well you are half right so that earns a score of 50%. It is water in the background.

Linda said: “It looks like a blurry sea view from between two posts in a metal fence to me.
Glad you had a nice Christmas, and I hope you have a very Happy New Year! :)”
Thanks for the wishes, I hope your coming year is great too!
As to the guess, you are pretty close. It is the sea seen between two objects but they aren’t metal. That earns you 75%.
Which leads us to Marcy with her guess of:  “I was thinking pretty much the same thing, although maybe water as viewed between two slats of wood?”
So close! It isn’t quite slats of wood, but it is two wooden objects. So your guess is worth 95%!
SO to the reveal.
These piles are the remains of the Granite Point Jetty in Northern Tasmania. The jetty burnt down way back in 1938, the piles are tough old Turpentine Gum.


Linda G. said...

75 percent? I'll take it!

mshatch said...

woo hoo! 95%! I'm kickin butt :)