Thursday, December 6, 2012

On being a media tart.

First things first, yesterday's WIIW elicited a few guesses of "eye".
Well I am happy to reveal everyone who said "eye" is on the write track. But it isn't a bird!

Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) guessed "the eclipse". I have to say that is exactly what I thought this image looked like. Clever of you to remember we had a Solar Eclipse down this way recently (alas I was about 3000 kilometres away from being able to see it). Definitely some bonus points coming for that guess!

Second Kathleen Jones has posted about the anxiety of being a "media tart".
I have to say I identify with the problem.

At work I present a confidant persona, can talk at state-wide conferences, public information sessions.

You name it, I can do it.

When it comes to talking about my own work, or myself and I clam up!
I am at best anxious and shy when it comes to self promotion.

How about you dear reader are you "shy and retiring" when it comes to self promotion?

Answer to WIIW tomorrow


Kristen M. said...

Not a bird, huh? Since you said it was easy, might it be a dog? Lilli?

And I am awful at self-promotion, which probably is most noticeable during job interviews when I have to talk about my strengths and successes.

Anne Gallagher said...

I thought it looked like the eclipse too, but I figured that would be too easy.

Let me guess amphibian/reptile eye then. I'm into those this week I guess.

As for self-promotion, I'm with you. I can talk to anyone, stand up in front of crowds and not embarrass myself, but talk about my books, forget it.

Linda G. said...

Not a bird, huh? How about a crocodile?

Christine said...

Hmm, not a bird... Well, surely, something reptilian?

I'd like to be in a position to worry about self-promotion. :-) I'm guessing I'd be useless at it.

mshatch said...

I'd rather have someone else promote my work, given the choice. I was always taught not to toot your own horn.

Kathleen Jones said...

Thanks for the mention Al. mshatch has hit the problem, I think. We were all brought up too well - taught not to toot our own horns!

Hart Johnson said...

Hmmm... no guesses on the eye... but the media tart thing... THAT I can do. But I don't do so much self promotion as just goofing around. I am present enough that I think people notice me.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Hmmm, I'm late to the party, but that sure does look like a rooster's eye to me. But no bird, huh? Maybe a...a...a... heck, I don't know. Creepy-looking. As for the promotion, I'm good at promoting causes, other people, and activities. (for recruitment purposes) But self-promotion? Lousy, absolutely lousy.