Monday, June 4, 2012

Window on the Past

For a total change of pace my piccie of the day is one of the few that was not taken by me.
The elderly couple are my great-grand-parents Charles William and Mary Ann. The occasion was their Golden Wedding anniversary in about 1935. 
He was about 78 and still rode his tricycle everywhere, she was about 67 (looking at those numbers she married very young).
The photo was taken on my grandparent’s farm near Alcester in Warwickshire, England.
The children are their grand-children, my mother’s generation.  As such only five of the children are alive. One, Charlie (extreme left) was killed in WWII but the others lived for many more years. One of them grew up and moved to Oz (which is lucky for me).
Anyone care to hazard a guess as to which of the girls is my mother?


Old Kitty said...

The little girl on the extreme right with the pretty smile?

What a great pic!!! Thanks for sharing! take care

Linda G. said...

Great pic!

The girl standing right behind your grandfather?

Kathleen Jones said...

What a lovely pic to have Al! guess the little girl in the middle of the three? Just from the shape of the face - but stumped really.

Jen Chandler said...

What a neat picture! You're fortunate to have such a wonderful memento of your ancestors :D


Dawn Simon said...

Such a great picture! Wonderful! I'll guess the little one in the first row is your mother.