Thursday, June 21, 2012

Piccie of the day

Patrick's Funeral was today.
Very sad, but uplifting too, a lot of shared memories of a very full life.

I'll post the answer to What is it Wednesday tomorrow (one of the guesses is half way there)

This is what it feels like outside at the moment (we just had our coldest June day since 1993).
Snow Gums, Mount Baw Baw Victoria
This is what I wish it felt like
Summer Day, Ben Boyd National Park, NSW


Old Kitty said...

Snow in June?!?! Oh my!

p.s. Condolences to Patrick's family.

Take care

Kathleen Jones said...

Hope everyone gave a great send-off to Patrick. what a wonderful way to go when your time is up. It's the ones left behind who are sad. he sounds like a fantastic character who will be much missed.
Lovely pictures over the past few days Al - glad you're posting regularly again - I missed the pics!
Can you send some of the cool over here? I'd gladly exchange some of it! The weather seems upside down everywhere at the moment - Italy super hot, UK super rainy and cold ....... Crazy!

John Gray said...

funerals even "nice ones" take it out of you
relax a little