Friday, June 29, 2012

100% Effort

Well I am frequently  guilty of using piccies that I have posted on the blog for my What is it Wednesday?

This week’s WIIW was no exception..

So let us wend our way to an answer.

Linda G guessed, ‘Definitely claws. I'm going to say duck-billed platypus.’

Yep, they are definitely claws, so you are half right 50%

Mel said  ‘A creature from "Where the Wild Things Are" trying to use chopsticks!’

That has to be one of the most creative answers in WIIW. So it is definitely worth some marks, not quite sure how many though.

Susan, being nearly as ham fisted as she accuses me of being :-) said ‘ "Claws!" I thought, all excited, thinking no one else would pick up on it. HA! Right. Okay, so what kind of claws, you probably want to know. Beats me. Big ones’
Okay, they are claws, and they are definitely big so I will say 60%.

Michelle ‘I'd say it looks like claws...but the straight brown stick in between? Don't know.’

I guess you have earned yourself 50% Michelle.

But the winner is Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) with her answer ‘Ooooh they're claws!!! Koala claws?!’

They are claws and you are bang on the money. 100%

Koalas are really hard to spot in the bush. Usually if you are lucky enough to see one at all it will just be a slumbering figure high up a tree.

But this guy I ‘caught’ in the Otway Ranges put on a brilliant show.
Actively climbing around browsing on eucalyptus leaves.


John Gray said...

now I would have got that right!
even though I am a welsh pom!

Linda G. said...

Half right is better all wrong, I guess. *grin*

Old Kitty said...

Happy dance, happy dance!! Yay!! LOL!!! My first correct guess!! And what a pic too!! I love Koalas!! I think they're too adorable for words!!! They're lovely!!! Awwwww! I do like that viral youtube clip where there was this fire and some nice fireman gave this poor dehydrated koala a drink off his water bottle. AWWWWW how cute are these creatures (and the koalas too! LOL!). Yay!! take care

Lisa said...

It's always such a surprise to be reminded what great claws those so-ugly-they're-cute koalas have!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You sure do have a lot of amazing subjects there for picture-taking. (Lucky us!)

MTeacress said...

I'll take 50%, thank you.