Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is it Wednesday?

It’s big news down here, Victoria had its worst earthquake in over 100 years last night!
Now that was really not fair of me.

It was a 5.4 magnitude shake. But no one was hurt, the worst damage the media seems to have been able to get footage of is some collapsed shelving in a Gippsland supermarket.

Here in Melbourne we certainly felt the quake, there was a bang and the whole house rocked back and forth for maybe 30 seconds. But to be honest it took me a moment to even realise what it was.
My first thought was “Gee the spin cycle on the washing machine is really wild.”
Then I realised it was just too much shaking to be the washing machine. There was a glass of water on our bench with wave in it for maybe five minutes and then the excitement was over.
If that was our worst in over a century it just goes to show Victoria is tectonically stable.

Now here is my What is it Wednesday?
Perhaps by coincidence this piccie was actually taken in Gippsland, but that is not really any kind of clue.
One clue I will give is there are two correct answers!


KarenG said...

I had to smile at your spin cycle reaction. We lived in California for 5 years and experienced numerous earthquakes. When the big one came, it knocked my 5 year old over while he was putting on his pants. He thought it was a giant coming up the stairs.

Yvonne Osborne said...

Be thankful your earthquakes are of a natural sort. Around these parts (PA and Ohio)there are earthquakes caused by the fracking for natural gas that's is going on by the natural gas companies pumping their noxious chemicals into the earth to break up rock and release gas. Energy independence would be a good thing but at what cost?

Linda G. said...

We actually had an earthquake here last summer. Can't remember the magnitude just off hand, but it was strong enough to do significant damage to the National Cathedral, and it broke one of my favorite lamps to boot.

As for what that pic is...well, I don't suppose "black splotch" is one of the correct answers, is it? ;)

Al said...

Nope, not a "black splotch"

Old Kitty said...

It's a hole in a tree?!?!

Yikes! earthquakes?!!? Take care! x

Kristen M. said...

The iridescent colors look like a shell and it looks like there is a small piece chipped off in one part. So I'm guessing a shell on a wooden table?