Thursday, June 14, 2012

Al Provides a Clue

There were some very interesting guesses as to what this mystery piccie was

Jennifer (Kitty) kind of had the right idea, it is a sort of trail.

Linda plays the Barrack Room Lawyer card again. I can’t exactly say it isn’t a thin blue coloured line, so you aren’t exactly wrong.

Great guess Jen, but you are way, way off!

Marcy, you have part of this exactly right. This was a very long shutter speed. The Camera was on a tripod and I had the shutter wide open for 8 whole seconds. That is about 1,600 times longer than I would use for most day time shots. Setting shutter speed and aperture and a whole pile of other things is quite easy on a DSLR camera like I use. Bonus points to you for even knowing about shutter speed!

Dawn was stabbing wildly in the dark again. They were pretty interesting stabs, but none of them exactly in the same ballpark!

So apart from what I’ve already said my clue is:

 This image is taken from another part of the same piccie!

Answer tomorrow.


Linda G. said...

Okay, I'll be serious this time. An airplane flying across the sky?

Old Kitty said...

Speeding train trail? LOL! Take care

Carolyn V said...

A motorcycle? *head shaking* That's a hard one!

mshatch said...

yay me for knowing about shutter speed! :)