Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Running fast to stand still

Just over a year ago I posted about my WIP. At that point I was saying my word count had crept past 100,000.

A year on and I have shared my WIP with a couple of readers.

I cut it from one book into two (which left me with two incomplete books)

Now the first half has grown until it is just over 100,000 words again.

I am enjoying the writing but boy does it seem to inch along sometimes (my day job seems all consuming much of the time).
I feel like the end is in sight but I have been here before.

With the change to two separate books, I suspect I will dump the title. Or rather I will swap it.
My working title has been Veiled in Storms, which followed on from my first book Veiled in Shadows.
The third book in the series was to be Veil of Iron. But the second half of the WIP fits better with Storms.
So I suspect I will have to borrow the third title for number two. So my WIP is now wearing the working title of Veil of Iron.

Which kind of fits because of the subject matter and 1946 (when Churchill made his Iron Curtain speech) falls squarely in the book’s chronology.

Now because I don’t want to disappoint, a piccie of the day
Abandoned Railway Trestle Bridge, Gippsland, Victoria


Old Kitty said...

So long as you continue to enjoy your wips!!!! Yay!!

Take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Too bad we can't churn out perfect prose as easily as some musicians create magic in a jam session, isn't it? Editing is a necessary evil, like having to eat the overcooked liver on our plate before we can dig into the hot fudge sundae that's waiting for us. But you're getting there! Keep on chewing... the liver will be done before ya know it.

Linda G. said...

I'm amazed at how much you manage to accomplish, with both your photography and your writing, on top of your day job.

And I love the pic! :)