Thursday, August 23, 2012

In which one person is 100% right!

When I posted my WIIW piccie last night I thought there might be a few types of answers. I thought the right one might be among them.

Linda G guessed “a bungee--a multi-functional elastic cord used to tie things down easily.”
 We call the same stuff bungee too. But no it isn’t bungee.

Marcy guessed “I was going to say a rope.” Well I guess it is made of rope (not elastic) so that is worth 50% but no it isn’t just “a rope”

Deniz guessed “A rope on a dock somewhere, mooring a boat. Wish I was on a boat!”
Well you fell into my trap Deniz, I thought people would see the rope and the water and guess a painter (mooring rope).  It is securing something, but not a boat. 50%

Normally I would agree with you about the boat Deniz, but we have gale force winds down this way at the moment and it is freezing!

Susan said “Looks like a bungee to me, too.” Nope, not elastic not bungee.

John D was with the consensus with “Bungee Tie or a length of Bungee rope - usually utilised as a 'permanent temporary fixture' until the bungee disintegrates and you then either (a) Effect a more acceptable repair, or (b) Find another Bungee Tie/ length of Bungee rope!”
Nope still not bungee.

Which leaves us with the one last guess

 Jennifer (AKA old Kitty) guessed “It's Lilli's leash!!! LOL!”
Take a bow Jennifer you are 100% right!

Now here is our star (and her leash)
I took this last November, we went fishing so Lu could try out the new rod she got for her birthday.
Of course Lilli came too, and while she is a really well trained girl, we were not quite confident that she wouldn’t take a smelly bait hook and all so she had to stay tied.
The arm on the left belongs to Io (daughter number 2) while the pink painted toes in the background are those of E (our eldest).
Lilli had her annual vet check-up and immunisation booster today and was pronounced tip top A1 health!
If I remember tomorrow I will tell you another tale about Lilli.


Old Kitty said...

Yay for Lilli and her leash!!! That was such a wild guess too!! Awww Lilli is adorable! Can't wait for her Tail to be told! Gerrit?!? Tail?!?!

Ok off I go! LOL! Take care

Deniz Bevan said...

Aww, that's wonderful! She's very cute :-)
Keep forgetting you're in winter...

Deniz Bevan said...

Looking forward to the next tale!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sneaky. Even when your pictures LOOK simple ... they ain't.