Thursday, May 31, 2012

Clues (oh and a Piccie of the Day)

First on a similar theme to my last “piccie of the day”
Marysville - Woods Point Road

Another view through our car windscreen.
A much less typical Oz scene

Now to the clues.
I am really surprised at the guesses to yesterday's What is it Wednesday?
They have been really elaborate:

Linda G thought – “An expansion joint on a sidewalk?”

Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) was on the same track but switched to - “the edge of a wall/stone clad building!”

Kittie H was on the side walk as well with – “encapsulated grass seed on a strip between a raised border and a sidewalk.”

Sharon took a stab with – “I have no first thought was roofing material and something else. LOL, not a good guess.”

Dawn stabbed wildly and repeatedly – “Caulking? A gravel road and field from space? Prehistoric amber (as in Jurassic Park) next to caulking? Tee-hee. If it's the last one, do NOT be tempted to pull dinosaur DNA from it. Trust me.”

I have to say all of them have been just dead wrong!

The clues are:
So far every “What is it Wednesday” has been taken from one of my own photos. So down to earth items like sidewalks could definitely be in.

But this one is from a piccie of something living (sorry I am not going to say which of the kingdoms of life it is from).

So any further (or perhaps second) guesses for what on Earth this could be?

I’ll post the answer tomorrow.


Old Kitty said...

It's the edge of a colourful parrot's wing against rock! :-) Take care

Anne Gallagher said...

I missed it yesterday but I'll say it's an eye. A lizard's eye, a chameleon's eye, one of those weird creatures from Oz's eye.

Kathleen Jones said...

I'd go with Anne- lizard's eye?

Dawn Simon said...

So you're trying to say I wasn't close? ;)

I think it's some kind of plant life. No idea, though. Obviously.

Carolyn V said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're letting us guess again (I totally missed Wednesday). I'm going with a butterfly?

Linda G. said...

Blue-green algae?