Monday, May 28, 2012


Deb and I went up into the hills for our usual weekend drive. This is what it looked like.

One word is sufficient  to describe my piccie of the day, Brrrrrr!


Old Kitty said...

No!!! No snow!! The sun is up in the sky and it's 27 degrees centigrade outside!


take care

Al said...

27 C would be nice right now.

Kathleen Jones said...

It's warming up nicely here in Italy too - June July and August are usually scorchers. The snow looks very atmospheric, but I'm happy to have it only as a memory at the moment!
Loved the kangaroo pic by the way - wonderful opportunity to get the shot.

Linda G. said...

Oh, that does look cold! *shivers*

mshatch said...

oh you poor things! Wish I could instantly transport you both here to my sunny porch for a little respite.

Carolyn V said...

The picture is gorgeous, but I agree, it looks rather cold. We just started our first day of summer here. I'm not sure if I'd prefer the super heat or the bitter cold.