Friday, May 18, 2012

An answer sails into view.

Well I did hint that Anne was the closest to this piccie
with her guess of - “the talons of one of your crazy birds out in OZ.”

I guessed that vivid red against the silver-grey background, together with the very geometric looking piece I chose to crop might throw people off.

I have to say Linda G you are being a barrack-room lawyer again with that answer of yours. It does look like -“a red triangle in the corner of a gray rectangle.”

 Kitty and Lisa it isn’t furnishings or clothing.

OK Susan, I was being tricky Deb (and you) have that right.
I have to say does every picture of the Rockie Mountains have a grizzly or a moose in it?

No! :-)

Yes, it can be hard to take piccies in some parts of Oz without Kangaroos in them. But if there was a koala in that piece of bush you probably wouldn’t see it anyway. The little fellahs are notoriously hard to spot high in the trees!

But if you want kangaroos…
If you are quiet in the bush you will sometimes surprise them and get a nice portrait shot like this
 (I took this the evening before my “outback” piccie in the same neck of the woods).

But usually, they do this
 and shoot off as fast as they can leap.

Now I promised an answer.

Last weekend I posted this piccie of Lake Daylesford.

I turned ninety degrees to get another angle and this beauty sailed into view.

So to points!
Anne gets 75% for guessing a “crazy Aussie bird” even if it was a beak not a talon in the shot.

I have to give Linda G 50% for being such a barrack-room lawyer again.

Linda and Kitty get honourable mentions for creative guesses.

As for Susan I find it hard to decide if barefaced cheek deserves points.

Nah!  Negative 25% (-25%) for making the koalas feel left out!   :-)


Anne Gallagher said...

That roo is just sweet. How nice of him to pose for you. And yay for me. At least I got the bird part right anyway.

Al, I have to tell you, your pics on Australia are just to die for. You could be the spokesperson for an ad campaign.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! Thanks for the laughs. AND for the pictures of the kangaroos. I'd ask your wife to boot you in the... er... cheek... for calling me cheeky, but I guess I rather AM cheeky.

Old Kitty said...

Oh you trickster! LOL!!

Awww but what a cutie!!! Yay!! I love that I'm mentioned most honourably! Yay! Thank you! Take care