Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Then and Now (or 90 Feet of Water).

When I posted this image from 2008 (as my piccie of the day) I did not mean to cause confusion.
Eastern Oz is not in drought at the moment.

Back in November, I posted these images of Gough’s Bay on Lake Eildon, Victoria to show what it was like in 2009

And what it was like2011.

That is the thing about Oz, as a rule our environment lurches from extremes of drought to literally flooding rain. We will have years of drought followed by floods and then back again with often only short periods of “normal” rainfall in between

For city folk life tends to go on in either case. The people who live in the bush adjust to the changes as they come. They have seen it before they will see it again. In my lifetime I have seen numerous cycles like this.
As to our wildlife, everything seems to cope. Birds and land animals breed like crazy in the good years. Even fish survive. In many cases rivers that have stopped flowing will be full of fish days or weeks after they flow again. How is a bit of a mystery to our scientists, but happen it does.

To finish, the best example I can show of  just how different things are now is of a place from not far from here.
This image (not one of mine) is of the Bonnie Doon road bridge over an arm of lake Eildon as it was in 2009, still at the height of the drought.
  This is what it is like now

 Eildon is around 30 metres (over 90 feet) deeper. The change took less than 12 months.


Linda G. said...

Now, those are some real extremes!

Old Kitty said...

We're still in drought - long term anyway! It's not that it doesn't rain, it's just it rains in the wrong time! We need rain in the winter months and there's already talk of stand pipes for next year if we have a dry winter this year. Yuck! :-(

But I do feel for the wildlife - the insects esp. - how confusing for them!

The before and after pics here amazing! Take care

Misha Gericke said...

Wow that's a huge difference! I'm almost glad that it's not the same for us in South Africa. Although my brother is rather depressed, because the dam he rows in is now completely dry.

Luckily we're going into our rainy season now.


Carolyn V said...

That. Is. Amazing! Such a huge difference.