Friday, May 25, 2012

The Ewwww Moment

Well when I first thought of using this image as a WIIW piccie

I did not think it would lead to quite such diverse answers. I hope the more sensitive types don’t find this too much of an Ewwwww moment.

Linda G thought a bear on a track taken from above, which is interesting because one of my dearest said “it looks a bit like a wombat.” Wombats are shaped very like small bears so there you go. But it is nothing remotely like a bear

Anne thought a microscopic bug, it is small but not that small.

Carolyn V thought a platypus. I am sorry but that is at least as far off as a bear. Except in size that is.

Kitty, it is not Lilli’s fluff, although she does normally leave great piles of that for us to sweep up.

Marcy guessed furry creature on tracks, not exactly no.

Well Jayne who guessed first guessed nearest, in fact I would say she earned a good 90% mark with “a small buzzy thing crawling over a patterned tea-towel”
Not a tea towel but otherwise basically right.
Io, my middle daughter, took this piccie of my back as we went for a bushwalk (hike) about three or four years ago.  As a side note I am amazed by how much greyer my hair has become over just a few years.

My  Passengers are Aussie bush flies (most likely Musca vetustissima).
They are anywhere and everywhere in the Aussie bush in the warmer months.
Hence the term the “great Aussie saulute” referring to people waving them away from their eyes.
That is probably about an average number for a person to attract on a warm day.
Deb who grew up in a city still gets a bit twitchy at a cloud of them around her face.
I have lived in the bush for the vast majority of my life so I hardly notice them.

One little story, as kids waiting for the school bus we used to have competitions to see who could kill the most before the  bus came. We used to collect little piles of the sods counting as we went. One of my friends held the local record 44 flies in only half an hour!


Linda G. said...

Eeeeew! You know, I should have listened to my husband. When I showed him the pic, he said "Looks like a bug."

Old Kitty said...

Oh wow!!! These are huge flies!! LOL! Amazing!! Hopefully they're some other creatures' tasty snack! LOL! take care

mshatch said...

ok, I was hoping it was something cute and furry...guess not. We have something similar but tinier here in Maine called the Black Fly which bites and leaves nasty red welts and then itches for weeks and weeks. They are also known - jokingly - as the Maine State Bird. We hates them we does.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Eeep. I don't like flies that much. I'm too conditioned to living indoors. I've always wanted to visit Australia though.

John Gray said...

gtoo many bugs in OZ
it would send me gaga

Anne Gallagher said...

You're right. Ewwww. It's like the mayflies in the North east here. Only if I remember correctly may flies bite.

Carolyn V said...

Wow, I was way off. lol!