Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Safe

Our Tassie vacation came to an end on Friday night.
We were back home in Melbourne in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Our last couple of days in Tassie were as packed as the first few.
Like our trip there in January I’ve come home with far too many piccies to share.
I will probably do a few posts on the trip over the next couple of weeks.

I am a little weary still from our trip and I am hitting the sack early tonight to be ready for work in the morning. So I thought I would share just a few piccies of our last couple of days there.

In Thursday we drove down through the Huon Valley. When we got to the Huon River it was amazingly still. The river’s surface was like a mirror and I was lucky enough to capture some beautiful images of reflections.

I’ve turned one of these upside down.Can you tell which way is up?
That afternoon we caught the car ferry over to Bruny Island. This piccie shows “The Neck” which joins the north of the island to the south.
I captured this sunset from Bruny Island, the strip of water reflecting the sunset colours is the D'Entrecasteaux Channel which separates the island from the Tasmanian mainland. The mountains in the distance are those north of Recherche bay which featured in my post last week..

On Friday we headed to the Tasman Peninsula.

Heaps of Banksia species were flowering in the bush.On the north side of the peninsula are the remains of the convict era coal mines. I love archaeology and ruins so I took hundreds of piccies.
These two are part of the remains of the convict barracks.


Old Kitty said...

The first pic is upside down?!?! I want to say neither are turned upside down!! LOL!!

Awww welcome back!! I hope you have/had a good rest. I can't even begin to pronounce D'etrecasteaux! LOL!!!

why so Frenchified?!?!

Have a great Sunday! x

Jai Joshi said...

Fantastic pics. I think the second pic of that lake is the right side up, although it was a hard choice! But I think the second pic is the right side up because reflections in water are usually darker than the real image itself. (I think.)


John Gray said...

you take a good photo as well as writing a good story

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

those reflection photos are excellent! You get enthusiastic applause for them!

I also say 2nd pic is rightside up - but i wouldn't be surprised if i was wrong about that

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
You got it in one the first piccie is upside down!
I suspect a large slice of French ancestry would help with pronunciation of D'Etrecasteaux!
Despite Tassie’s (and Oz’) British heritage the first European explorers on this coast were French.

Hi Jai,
You also got it!
It was amazingly still and the light was perfect for reflections!

Hi John,
Thanks Mate!

Hi Sarah,
Thank you (takes bow)
You are also right!