Friday, May 20, 2011

Al looks to the heavens

I said I’d try to do a quick post tonight. So here I go!

We have to be off to the airport at 6:30 in the morning. That’s the time I usually leave for work, but it’s a bit early for Deb!

And even earlier for our eldest daughter E who is going to drop us off!

I had a good morning on the way in on the train in terms of writing, but this evening I was tired and only managed just over 100 words. Still I think I developed an idea that will help me jump forward next time I write.

I’m taking my netbook with me so I might get some writing done while I am on holiday. If I get a chance I will put up a post or two as well.

Now a few piccies. You may remember back in March I posted this piccie of the ‘super moon’ that I took with my old camera.Well last night I walked out to meet my youngest Lu at the bus stop. I noticed the moon is close to full so I decided to have a play with my new camera.

This is one of many shots I took. The difference between an 18 megapixel and an 8 megapixel like my old camera is amazing!

And if I crop it down further the level of detail is amazing, even if it is starting to get a little pixelated.Al is in camera heaven!


Anne Gallagher said...

Have a great time on your trip. Watch out for the vampires.

Linda G. said...

Wow! That is amazing detail on your moon pic!

And, boy, I would hate for someone to take a picture of ME with an 18-megapixel camera. Photographic portraits are kinder with a softer focus. *grin*

Old Kitty said...

My goodness!!! I can see the craters!! Brilliant, brilliant pics!! Yay for you camera! Take care

Michele Emrath said...

Have a wonderful trip! Love the moon and enjoy the writing! BEAUTIFUL pics!


Angela Felsted said...

That is one amazing camera. I don't know that I've ever seen such clear detail of the moon from that far away.

Anonymous said...

wow brilliant photo. Love the craters. 6.30am? yuck! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

Myrna Foster said...

That's amazing. Have fun with your new camera!

heidenkind said...

That's pretty dern nifty. :)

Theres just life said...

I am so so jealous. I still have an old digital camera, 3 megapixel, and will probably have to make so with that for quite a while. (sighs and shacks head in frustration) But at least it IS better than not having any at all...
Have fun on your trip.

Pamela Jo