Monday, May 23, 2011

A Taster

Our past couple of days have been full to the brim.
I'm a little weary this evening, not exactly what you want from a vacation. But it is a good kind of weary. We've walked a lot and covered a lot of ground.

Yesterday we headed to the South East of Tasmania.

Just a quick couple of piccies (by the way these are well worth clicking on to get an expanded view).

Recherche Bay at around sunset.And the Lune River half an hour before.Can you tell which way is up?

Today we headed up into the South West Wilderness area.
The world heritage area is a mix of temperate rainforest and alpine wilderness.

I caught this cutie in the rainforest in the Mount Field National Park. She is a Tasmanian Pademelon (Thylogale billardierii). Pademelons are a cat sized relative of Kangaroos and Wallabies. These guys were widespread on the mainland before European settlement. Unfortunately in the old days some “gentlemen” decided it would be nice to have foxes to hunt and released European red foxes in mainland Oz.

Oz + foxes = extinct pademelons

There are none of these delightful creatures left on the mainland. Fortunately there are no foxes in Tassie.

The last pics are the Russell Falls (isn't that a good name)and High in the South Western mountains... Lake Pedder, just before sunset and in driving rain.


Kathleen Jones said...

Really beautiful Al - made me want to be there. The new camera is a perfect tool for your talent for 'seeing' a fantastic picture.

WritingNut said...

These are gorgeous photos! It looks so beautiful and peaceful :)

Linda G. said...

Brilliant pictures! Just brilliant. You've such a good eye!

Lindsay said...

Gorgeous photos. if I ever need a setting like this, I'm adding them to my scene file ;)

Old Kitty said...

Oh the Pademelon!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwww!! How cute is that gorgeous creature?!?!? And how sad that their fate rests in the balance because of silly men! :-( Awwww he or she is adorable!!!

Fabulous pics as always and yes I got the mirror image shot right, I think! LOL! take care

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Awww! I want a pademelon!

Off topic - so i'm like an amateur cryotpozoologist, and as an aussie i'd like your take on the Tasmanian Tiger and if you think it's possible there are any left in the wild in Tasmania?

L'Aussie said...

These are gob-smackingly beautiful photos Al, but Tassie is just so photogenic isn't it? Brings me back...

Thanks for commenting on my latest flash fiction story.


Kristen M. said...

Okay, Al, you win! You've stumped the zoologist. I've never heard of a pademelon before! So, thank you!

And thanks for the beautiful piccie of Russell Falls. Besides having an awesome name, it is just an absolutely beautiful place!

Al said...

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you. I am happy with the results I am getting from the new camera. These piccies are basically straight off camera.

Hi WritingNut,
Thank you. It is amazingly calm and quiet, there is almost nobody there!

Hi Linda,
Thank you!

Hi Lindsay,
I guess you'd have to set something really creepy or scary to counterpoise what the place is actually like.

Hi Jennifer,
They are as cute as it gets! “He” is almost certainly a she because she was very small and males are much larger than females.
Are you sure about which way was up?

Hi Sarah,
They are cute, but totally protected so you can't take one out of the country.Maybe there is a chance there are Tassie Tigers out there still. They haven't been seen since 1937 but there are literally thousands of square miles of trackless wilderness in Tassie.

Hi Denise,
Thank you! Tassie is photogenic! Your story deserved a comment!

Hi Kristen,
Ah well I guess there are more than a few North American beasts I have have never heard of ;-)
It is an amazingly beautiful place.

Rebecca E. said...

as always stunning photos i am glad you enjoyed your trip.. ow I envy you!