Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Two Part Post

No I don’t mean to say that I am going to present this post in two episodes.
Instead I am going to tackle two sides of the way I am feeling at the moment.

First I am going to be a whiny, snivelly Al.
As you know I had a wonderful holiday last week (by the way in Oz lingo holiday = vacation, not just the special days in the calendar).
Many of you will also know I have been hunting for a new job. I think I am seriously approaching burnout after (too) many years in coalface crisis services like my current job managing programs for homeless people.
Normally I come back to work after a break recharged and ready to go again.

This time I am just as tired as when I went away. I am ready for a change.

So why two parts?

As part of my Al managing Al’s mind strategy I am now going to share some thoughts about what helps keep me sane. Because I am not so far gone that I can’t recognise I am truly blessed as well.

First I went away last week with the love of my life Deb.
It was (as far as I recall) our second child free break in over 25 years of marriage. Just the two of us was wonderful and a real reminder of just how special this wonderful woman is to me. I hasten to add that I don’t exactly need reminding because my Deb is always amazing!

Second despite the fact that they are frequently demanding sods, our three beautiful girls are mostly a pleasure to have around.

Then I have distractions and hobbies which I pursue with a passion.

My writing is the best part of my working day. Commuting by train as I have been now for several months means I get a stress buster on the way to work and on the way home! And as a bonus my WIP continues to look more like a novel.

Then (as you know) I spend a lot of time out and about chasing photo opportunities.

So dear friends I hope you forgive my whingeing. Things are mostly okay with Al.

I haven’t had anything like enough time to sort my piccies from Tasmania, but I will include just a few.
As I am a bit boring I will include two of subjects I have already shared.

First another shot of the pademelon I posted last week. Isn’t she cute the way she holds the leaf she is eating in her little paws?The Russell Falls from another angle.And finally some tiny translucent bracket fungi - they are about the size of a 20 cent coin (roughly the size of an American Quarter or a British 10p, and exactly the same size as a Kiwi 20c)


Deniz Bevan said...

Glad to hear you had a great holiday! Hope things improve on the job front soon... Meanwhile, I love the photos you share with us - I've never even heard of a pademelon! She's quite cute :-)

Old Kitty said...

Awww the pademelon is just perfect and adorable!! Awwwwww - they're gorgeous!! Save the pademelon!!! Yay!

Al, may your days ahead be full of joy and peace and lots of creativity!! Take care

Anne Gallagher said...

I thought you got offered a new job and took it? You had all those interviews and then one company called you. I thought. I may have missed something.

Great pics. Love the little mouse/rat thing.

And you're lucky to have Deb. My horoscope that I would find the love of my life on June 15. HA I say.

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

LOVE!!! The translucent fungi! I'm obsessed with fungi and have a series of photos of fungi taken at my uncle's cabin up north

Carolyn V said...

I'm so glad to hear that you had such a great holiday! I love a good break from the world.
The photos are amazing! Good luck on job hunting. We did that about two years ago. It was awful.

Linda G. said...

Nothing wrong with a good whinge every now and then. Letting off a little steam keeps us from exploding. :)

It's always nice to hear of another couple who've been happily married for a long time. TG and I are at 30 years and counting. Wouldn't trade our marriage for the world. :)

Myrna Foster said...

I've never heard of a pademelon (and neither has my spell checker). It's very cute.

I hope you find just the right job soon. I think what that job is can change as we go through different stages in our lives. Teaching preschool is just the right job for me right now, but I don't want to do it forever. I'd get burned out, and who wants a burned out preschool teacher?

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You can whine all you want here. Scream, yell, and pout, too, if you want. Then, when you look at your family, peace will return. Good luck with the job search.

John Gray said...

we all need a small daily whinge

Jayne said...

It's hard when you are qualified and can do a job very well in one sort of industry, but it's more the actual industry than the job which is the problem. It might be there is something much more suitable for you - keep an eye out! At the same time it is always great to list what is brilliant in your life - Deb and your children sound wonderful, it's great the writing is going well, and your photographs are always stunning (and teach me something I didn't know.) And blogs are safe places to let off steam!

Rebecca E. said...

happy ot read you had a child -free holiday ( one day that will happen to me... one day i think) still gald you enjoyed it.

Al said...

Hi Deniz,
We did thank you!
I’ll nail anew job sooner or later.
Thank you, pademelons are a cat sized relative of kangaroos and wallabies.

Hi Jennifer,
Perfect and adorable!
Thank you Jen, that means a lot ;-)

Hi Anne,
No, unfortunately not.
Two people on the interview panel of a job asked me to apply for two other jobs. But no luck yet.
The pademelon is a marsupial like a tiny kangaroo.
I am extremely fortunate to have Deb.

Hi Sarah,
I love fungi too. I took heaps more of all different kinds, I’ll post some from time to time!

Hi Carolyn,
Thank you. A break is necessary!
Hate job hunting it sucks!

Hi Linda,
A whinge certainly can be Ok,
Well done 30 years!
There aren’t many who last in the long term. I guess it’s just a whole heap of factors including a big dollop of luck.

Hi Myrna,
My spell checker does know what a pademelon is, but it is an Aussie spell checker!
Thank you for your understanding on the job side of things.
No a burned out anything is not good.

Hi Susan,
Thank you!
Family are pretty damn good. Thank you!

Hi John,
A whinge is good, if not carried to excess!

Hi Jayne,
Thank you!
It is part of my stay sane strategy to focus on what is good. Deb and the girls are amazing!

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you!
It will happen, our children aren’t children any more so they can be left on their own.