Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I should never set myself targets in my writing. I posted a month ago about finishing my first draft of Veiled in Shadows in ‘a month or two’. A month further on and I had expected to have knocked over another 20,000 words or so.

Well I got more than half way toward that target. To be precise I have written 13,515 since that post. Now before you assume I have been beating myself up about a failure - I haven’t.

I write for the enjoyment of it.

The enjoyment of it.

Aren’t those four lovely words?

And I have been enjoying my writing. To be sure my inner sadist has been making some of my characters go through hell (don’t worry Valentina is still in happy mode) but I have been writing some bittersweet scenes over the past few days.

And it is fun!

You may know my first novel Veiled in Shadows was written from multiple perspectives. Shadows is a complete story on its own, but it is also part of a series. Veiled in Storms (my WIP) is also a complete story and while it is not exactly a sequel it is related to the first novel. Some of the minor characters in Shadows are major characters in Storms and vice versa. So Ronnie (that is Valentina’s Ronnie) for example is only mentioned by name in the first novel and is a significant player in the second. While his sister Penelope is a major character in the first and a bit player in the second.

So what have I been writing over the past day or two? I won’t say too much, but for those (few) of you who have read Shadows there is a reunion in the final scenes. So I am revisiting that reunion from another character’s point of view. Only for that character it does not come at the end of the story. It is both a sad and happy moment.

And fun to write.

Now a little news. I am hoping to post again on Friday, but from Saturday I will be away on leave for a week. So it is possible there will be no posts until I get back.

A photo from my archive
Rainbow Lorikeets


Old Kitty said...

Oooh you tease!!! LOL!!!

Well have a lovely break!!! See you soon! Take care

Stephen Tremp said...

I write for the enjoyment too. Hopefully I can make some money too. Love the lorikeets pic. I used to work in a pet store raising birds of all kinds, including the loris.

Jenny Maloney said...

I've always overestimated my 'goals' but I've learned that's just part of how it works for me. If I set a lower goal, I'd only get half of that done and would actually do less. =)

Angela Felsted said...

Nice photo. I guess what matters is that you're getting into it. Writing from multiple POV is fun, and a lot more effective IMO than writing from only one.

Anne Gallagher said...

Oh, the enjoyment. Where did mine go. I guess I should probably find it again.

And another vacation? I thought you just got a new job? Must be nice to live in Oz.

Linda G. said...

Those lorikeets are gorgeous!

Re setting targets: it's a good thing to do. Even if you don't always hit them, you're still closer than if you hadn't been aiming for anything. :)

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

i set myself writing goals. But i don't beat myself up over them if i don't meet them. There's no point to doing that

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Oh, more lorikeets! How gorgeous!

Good for you on setting writing goals. I probably should, but I've gotten to the point where I mostly take one day at a time, and do the best I can. No pressure on myself to write more, to submit more, because as you say, I do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it.

L'Aussie said...

Go Al go! What would we do if we didn't love writing so much!


Romantic Friday Writers Second Challenge - LOST - Friday 20

Theres just life said...

Al as one of the few (are you serious) lucky readers of Shadows I can't wait to read Storms.
Enjoy you trip. I know you will come back with LOTS of glorious pictures to share.
Goals...I have heard the word before, maybe I should try that.

Pamela Jo

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
I do tease, but I also don’t want to spoil my story!

Hi Stephen,
Making money is nice fantasy. My problem is I don’t have time to promote my work properly. I have the goods but not the marketing.
Lucky you on the birds, I have a good friend that is a breeder of exotic birds.
But of course lorikeets are just “boring” natives down here :-)
They are really common right up and down the east coast of Oz.

Hi Jenny,
It is nice to hear that putting the pressure on works for you!

Hi Angela,
Thank you!
I love multiple POV, but it is hard work too!

Hi Anne,
How hard to not be enjoying the writing :-(
No alas, I have written about a number of job interviews I have had.
I have not yet have the fortune to land a new job. I am still where I was and taking a very hard earned break ;-)
But it is nice to live in Oz!

Hi Linda,
They are lovely!
Targets seem to work well for many people, I am not entirely convinced for myself.

Hi Sarah,
You are right, beating yourself up is counter productive!

Hi Susan,
Lori’s are some of my favourites!
I think your attitude is the best one. I would hate my writing to be a chore!

Hi Denise,
Thank you! Something else ;-)
I think we must be half cracked to enjoy writing ;-)

Hi Pamela Jo,
Thank you again for that review of Shadows you posted ;-)
Alas very few people have bought my book.
As I said to Stephen I simply haven’t had time to promote it. Marketing = sales.
I certainly will be bringing my camera!

Deniz Bevan said...

Love the lorikeets! And it's true, writing for fun should come first, above all other goals.

Dawn Simon said...

Writing for the enjoyment of it--yay! I think if the author is having fun, it will show up on the page.

Setting goals actually helps me, but I realize everyone is different. I think it's interesting to hear what works for other people. Sometimes it inspires me to try a new approach.

The Rainbow Lorikeets are beautiful!

Al said...

Hi Deniz,
They are great little birds aren't they?
I guess if we don't enjoy it we shouldn't do it.

Hi Dawn,
Goals are important. But I don't know how they help my writing.