Monday, May 23, 2011

The Cold Light of Dawn

Yesterday we drove from Hobart where we have been based over to Tasmania's east coast.

Our destination: the Freycinet National Park. On the way I noticed this semi-ruined boathouse and knew I had to have a closer look.It was very photogenic, and in the background the mountains of the Freycinet NP.

We took our time stopping for lunch along the way and finally reached the park just before dark.I caught a few photos, but unfortunately the weather turned nasty and we had to run for shelter. We drove to Swansea about an hour away where we checked into a chalet overnight.

This morning I was up before dawn. I drove back to Freycinet, hoping to catch the rock faces of the cliffs in the dawn light.

The difference between OK landscape shots and brilliant ones is the light. The best landscape pictures are captured in the warm light of dawn or sunset.

But it was not to be. In the ten minutes after I took this piccie of the clouds beginning to pink up more cloud had rolled in and it began to rain!I caught some shots anyway, but they were taken in a cold grey light not morning warmth.


Linda G. said...

Even the shots taken in the rain have an atmospheric appeal. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

LOVE the stonework on that boathouse. That's a setting if ever I saw one!

Old Kitty said...

Well I think these pics are most evocative! I'm feeling the stormy weather just looking at them! The area feels very bleak and isololated and stark - beautifully so!! Take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

You have the eye of an artist. It isn't just the lighting that makes a picture sing; it's the elements of the picture itself, and you have a real knack for capturing the elements within a photograph to make it particularly pleasing to the eye.

Jayne said...

I too love the stonework on that building. It's a shame the weather didn't behave itself for the photos. It always tickles me when I see places that have the same name as somewhere in the UK - never been to the Swansea over here but I bet it's nothing like the one near you!

JohnD said...

Not only did you turn images #1 and #2 upside down, you also 'mirror-reversed' the image. I think image #2 looks like the original!

ps - I love Bruny Island and I have a whole heap of images detailing our trip to Hobart last year and my travels around the Hobart region. Please visit and comment. :)

Al said...

Hi Linda,
You’re right there!
But I can’t help be a little disappointed because I was after another effect.

Hi Anne,
It is beautiful isn’t it.
The story gets better, because glancing in through the locked front door you can see oilskins that were hung up by the last users who knows how long ago.

Hi Jennifer,
It is a battered coastline, but very beautiful!

Hi Susan,
Thank you!
I do try!

Hi Jayne,
It is a beautiful building. I guess the weather is what I deserve for heading south in winter!
There isn’t just one Swansea here. I know at least three! All in different states.

Hi John D
I just rotated it 180 degrees. If I had flipped it horizontally it would have been even harder I think!
Loved Bruny Island too!

Amanda said...

Wow, I think that third picture is one of my favorites. Gorgeous!

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
Thank you, I like that one as well!
You must be on line at almost the same time as me I was just commenting on your blog.