Saturday, August 8, 2009

When the Pigs Come Home to Roost

Before anyone grumbles, I know I have mixed a metaphor. It’s not official yet but I think I have the dreaded Swine Flu.

This picture has nothing to do with our roosting pigs, It is simply a vain attempt to distract me from being miserable.It was taken in Ben Boyd National park not far from Green cape.

My dearly beloved eldest daughter E, brought the flu home from uni with her (E is the first letter of her name and it is one of the few nicknames she has ever tolerated). She has been officially diagnosed by our quack (no real disrespect intended but Aussies have a very strong tendency to irreverence) and put on a course of Tamiflu.

As you may know despite the initial hoo-ha about the virus, in most people it is presenting as a quite mild illness. However, it has caused some fatalities in those with underlying conditions. Hence the Tamiflu for E, she is unfortunately a chronic asthmatic, so the quack said “better safe than sorry.”

I have come down with the same symptoms and although I have yet to drag myself to the doctor (oops I am slipping, quack), I suspect same symptoms = same condition. It’s probably not rocket surgery.

Clearly my mixed metaphor meter is on the blink, maybe it’s the mild fever addling my brain? Before, anyone leaps in to say “don’t be silly get yourself down to the doctor”, I am going later, I have an appointment. As to why I am sitting in front of a computer instead of lying down… well I’m just stupid really. Though, I tried lying down and it doesn’t feel any better and at least this way I get to distract myself.

And just a final distractionThis was also taken in Ben Boyd NP just across Twofold Bay from Eden in NSW. I love the contrast in this picture, between the deep blue and Green of the Pacific and the red of the siltstone.


Rebecca said...

Excellent pictures, and the metaphors are great fun by the way.

Al said...

Thanks Rebecca I really appreciate the comment. By the way I really enjoy looking through your blog.

TC said...

Sorry to hear about that Swine Flu you have. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You can find a very interesting post regarding swine flu there and on my site Hope they can help you.

TC said...

Here is the most recent Swine Flu Post of mine. I hope it can help. You don't have to publish this comment I just wanted to provide you with the link for personal purposes. By the way, I just recently published my first book titled Live Smart. Soon to be on Amazon but is on now or my blog.

Al said...

Hey TC,
Thanks for the comments.
I'm doing ok.