Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Heartfelt Thanks

A quick one tonight. A while ago I posted about a visiting editor from the UK having a look at my manuscript. Then I posted about her having really liked it. In the tail end of the second post there was a sentence about my other half Deb’s colleague hanging onto the MS so she could read it now her editor daughter had finished with it.
Well she read it.
She liked it.
… and she copyedited it for me.

Now the MS has been copyedited before, but we all know that if you go over a work again you will find more errors.
Now I have only had a chance to glance at what she has done, but It looks like Cheryl has gone over the MS with a fine tooth comb not only looking for punctuation etc, but also suggesting grammatical and structural improvements.
All this on her own initiative and entirely voluntarily.

In a lovely letter she has included with my returned manuscript, she absolutely minimises the amount of effort she has put into my work. She describes her hard work as “fun”.
As an ex-English teacher and literature enthusiast she may have found the job fun, but Cheryl, like my Deb, is an overworked senior-executive. Her generosity in taking the time to do this for me cannot be overstated. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Cheryl.

Now to anyone who reads my blog I must apologise (in advance) if I don’t post quite as frequently in the near future. Because I expect over the next little while, I will be a bit busy going over my MS and making the most of Cheryl’s kindness.

Now to keep you busy, a photoCan anyone guess what this is?
Aussies, I know you’ll probably know, don’t spoil the fun!


Lit and Life said...

Cheryl sounds like my kind of gal! My family teasingly calls me the "English school marm." I can't stand to read a book and find grammatical and spelling errors.


Jemima said...

Don't worry, I am not coming over to spoil the photo guessing - I have just passed on an award to you here: http://thereadingjourney.blogspot.com/2009/08/award.html

Jemima said...

Oh, and that is great about the copy editing. Takes a lot of patience to do that job and it is so important too. Sounds like getting the book published is really coming along.

Kristen M. said...


And it's fantastic about the copy editing ... now get back to work! :)

Mary said...

Why, that must be an Easter Echidna! Because bunnies don't lay eggs. (That's what my sister-in-law says every year 'round about Easter, anyway.)

Al said...

Hi Lit and Life
I suspect that was part of Cheryl's motivation!
Hedgehog is a good guess, but we don't have them downunder.

Thanks Jemima for the award, and for not being a spoiler!

Kristen, Bingo! Thanks for the advice, but here I am again, not buried in my MS.

Mary, Bullseye! Although I have never heard echidnas called Easter Echidnas. But they sure do lay eggs and baby echidnas are just so cute!