Monday, August 10, 2009

Roosting Pigs II: The Diagnosis

I seem to be posting in sequels just lately. Formal Outing I and II, and now the Dreaded Flu II.

Well I dragged myself to the quack, and the diagnosis? Non specific viral infection, probably a case of swine flu, but no point in doing swabs given the pre-existing diagnosis for my daughter.

Anyway she (the quack) says I am not to go back to work for five days in case it is the aforementioned disease. So this morning it was frantic phoning around to make sure my 2IC at work has all the information he needs to keep the whole place muddling along until I can return.

So what to do for five days?
Obviously, bed rest I am after all sick. (don’t forget I am a man, and men are fragile creatures greatly afflicted by minor ailments such as colds, let alone the dread porcine peril.)
Writing… maybe, see how the brain goes.
Reading… some, but see above.
Watching TV… am I the only one who wants to throw something at the screen when daytime TV is on?
Watching DVDs … more promising, but I’ve watched most of our collection, and visiting the library is problematic (don’t want to pass on the dread disease to some bored, but probably innocent, teenager.)
Sorting through my old photos and scanning them…Ack, the thought makes me sick, I only went digital about two years ago. Even contemplating where to start gives me a headache. No wait, that is the flu.
Surf the net… maybe but it’s not really resting? Is it?

Just to finish up a couple of photos (because I can’t help myself).

This little guy is a young white faced heron.

And this guy is an Australian pelican.

If anyone has read Colin Thiele’s Storm Boy, Mr Percival was an Australian pelican.


Kathleen Jones said...

Commiserations Al - hope the man flu/swine flu capitulates quickly!

Al said...

Hi Kathleen, thanks I am feeling a bit better already.

Kathleen Jones said...

Goodness! Two herons!! Mine doesn't have a white face though. Just your plain english grey.

Mary said...

Hi, Al - Hope you're feeling better soon. Our family went through a miserable bout of the flu this past winter, 'round about February, right before news of the Swine Flu was everywhere. Still wondering if that's what we had without knowing it.

Al said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for commenting!
This flu is actually fairly mild (knock on wood). There is a suggestion here in Oz that Swine flu may have been here for months before it was identified. So who knows?

hmsgofita said...

Hi Al,
Thanks for commenting on my Doss post and filling me on how it's used in Australia. But here in the United States it's definitely forgotten. I'd never heard the word before I saw it in my Forgotten English desk calendar! You gotta love how different and yet similar English still is around the globe!

Al said...

Hi Gofita,
Thanks for commenting.
I just love English language full stop. That would be "love English language period" for you :)

Gail said...

Hi Al

Hope you're feeling better now?
Congrats on the award from The reading Journey.

Al said...

Hi Gail
Thank you!
Almost all better.
I have had the clearance to be back at work since Monday.