Monday, August 3, 2009

A Formal Outing

A quick post again this afternoon.
I have just come home from work and I have to go out this evening. My other half has a formal opening of a new building at her workplace. As one of the executive team she has to be present at such events and it is expected she brings a partner.

That would be me.

It is a suit and tie affair which is ok, except I might wear a tie, let alone a suit a couple of times a year. My workplace has a neat casual dress-code, which usually means jeans and t-shirt level for most people. Even head office doesn’t usually go past a tie. Ah well, the things we do for those we love. I should look on it as practice for looking civilised.
Seriously though, I expect it will be a fun evening I have met many of Deb’s colleagues and they seem like a nice bunch.

It was my birthday on Friday and as partial consolation for edging closer to 50 I got a couple of gift vouchers for Borders and JB Hi-Fi.
With the Borders one I got a couple of books; no fiction, I was in a history mood apparently.
The first:

I have had my eye on Beevor’s D-Day since it came out. I loved his Stalingrad and Berlin. But D-Day has had mixed reviews so I have held off, at least until it wasn’t me paying for it. Maybe I’ll review it once I have a chance to get through it.

The second:
Troop leader by Bill Bellamy is of course looking at the same period. I haven’t read any reviews of it, but it grabbed my eye. Also as I said in a post a little while ago, I am researching bits and pieces for my second novel. This account isn’t directly related to that, but I find personal accounts like this can help me get into the mind space I need to write my characters.

I bought an odd mix of DVDs.

A graphic novel brought to the screen, a study of a famous interview and a twist on a classic romance.
Coupled with the books I bought, I guess it seems I must either be well rounded or suffer hopelessly eccentric tastes.

Until Next time (at least if I don't manage to accidentally hang myself with my tie.)


Amanda said...

Oh I'm jealous of your loot! I love WW2 books, fiction and non-fiction. And I have yet to see Watchmen. Great picks!

Wendy R said...

I love the easy going but serious tone of your postings. A genuine writer at work here. WW2 is an endless fund of story and significance so I hope it works for you.
I am interested in your being 'put off' by qa negative review of a book you wanted to read. Reviewers have to be taken with a large pinch of salt I think.
Hope you had a great night out, tie or no tie. The great thing about being a writer is that even bad experiences can make good copy!

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
I love history full stop but particularly WWII

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the complement. I do try, so it is nice to be appreciated.
Not really 'put off' but with a limited budget and horrendous book prices in Oz (AUD$65 for Beevor's latest) I try to be a bit choosy.
How right you are bad experiences make for the best stories.