Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silence of the Hams: the Flu part III

Well I hate to be boring (or is that boar-ing) (I know puns like that should be a capital crime) but Swine Flu is still the main topic of conversation around here.

On the upside, our number one daughter is essentially entirely better. E went back to Uni today and began catching up on her workload.
Also on the upside, I am feeling better than I was. Now I only feel like a bus ran over me, as opposed to feeling like a bus ran over me and then reversed over me to make sure the job was done.
On the downside, my other half Deb, has come down with the malicious malady. It seems we are taking turns to succumb.

Of my ideas to fill the time only two have come to much: bed rest, I have slept an awful lot more than normal; and watching DVDs. We are recent converts to The West Wing, Deb borrowed three complete seasons from one of her colleagues. So I am now up to the third season.

I have to say I do not normally have much time in my life for TV. In a normal week I might watch 2 to 4 hours in total. I tend to go to bed early (early starts are called for in my line of work) and to be honest writing and reading seem to call louder than whatever is on the box. What is the point of all this? Well until recently I have not seen The West Wing and I think I have missed a rare gem of TV. Thank goodness for DVD!

And now a random photo, evening light over Lake George


Kathleen Jones said...

Hi Al - it seems herons were not the only things we shared. I went down with the porky pestilence on Monday. glad you're feeling better. It gives me hope! My cough is like a gigantic dog that's taken over my entire personality!

globalwarming said...

nice post and good fictures friend,thanks!!!

hmsgofita said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better! I love the pic!

Al said...

Kathleen, so sad to hear you have it too. Hang in there mate it does get better.

Global, thanks for the complement.

Gofita, thanks it's good to be feeling something like a human again. I love the pic too, it's a great lookout and I just happened to be up there in the evening light.