Sunday, August 2, 2009

Of Editors and Agents

A very Quick post tonight. We have been out having dinner with some dear friends from Queensland and it is past my bed time.

I promised the other day to talk about the editor who has just finished reading my manuscript. I think I will simply post the text of the email I received from her mother (my other half’s colleague) when she had to return to England.

I have omitted her name, as they say in many a TV drama, to protect the innocent.

“.... managed to read Allan’s novel and was really impressed.
Her comments were:

• A clean, well thought out script – ready now to go to a publisher. She was very complimentary of the formatting, layout, with absolutely minimal corrections.
• The opening scene is a good hook and just the sort of thing a publisher would be looking for.
• The concept is good
• The structure works well – she commented on the skill in keeping the narrative ongoing whilst telling the story from different perspectives.
• She thought the characters were a little underdeveloped but could see why, but it wasn’t a weakness as the story itself is important.
• She is confident he could hand it in as is.
• Advises doing some research on which publishers are producing this kind of genre and targeting them
• Says no need to worry about making changes – the nature of any further improvements would be a personal preference and more a subject of the publishing house.
• If not accepted don’t be disheartened because it may be because of the economic climate and current circumstances and that you should resubmit at a later time – but she emphasized to keep trying because it’s good and worthy of publication.
• She also thinks it would make a great film
She suggested I should read it – do you mind if I keep the script for a while? I would really like to after she raved about it.”

So all you agents and publishers out there here is one fellow who is awaiting your call :-)

Sorry if it seems like I am boasting, but I just can’t help it. This feels really promising to me.

Now I am off to bed, talk to you next time.


Shoshana said...

Well, with a comment like that, you have a lot to be proud of!

Kathleen Jones said...

Brilliant Allan! That is certainly one to pin on the wall. And don't forget you can quote from it in your submission letters to publishers. Getting a recommendation from someone in the book world really counts in your favour.

Al said...

Hi Shoshana,
I am, as I said, very chuffed. Thanks for commenting

Hi Kathleen,
Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure I do use the recommendation for my future submissions. It certainly is confidence building to have a professional approve of my work anyway.