Friday, September 20, 2013

Little Luxuries

First up let's look at the first part of this week's WIIW

Not surprisingly these piccies elicited responses that earn 100%

Old Kitty said it was “1) It's the neatest fridge I've ever seen!”
It is a fridge 100% (it is neat and tidy because it is brand new)

And Linda G  said: “LOL! Do I sense sarcasm in those first two pics? ;) Obviously (way too obviously), it's a fridge.
No sarcasm intended :-). It is a fridge! 100%

SO why is Al so excited by a new fridge?
Well I may have mentioned we have no mains electricity up here. And  given power lines would have to be brought through miles of forest it is far too expensive to ever put on.

So that means no electric fridge.

A problem solved by this, our brand new gas powered fridge. We ordered it just after we moved in (weeks ago now) and it has only just arrived.

In the mean time we have been using an Esky chest topped up with ice every couple of days to keep our food cold.

Inside toilets, hot showers and cool refrigerators are all things we didn't have just a fortnight ago.
One of the things you realise moving up to the bush is a lot of the little things in life are in fact BIG things.

 Speaking of the bush, it means clear skies and tonight I shot this.

Not it isn't some weird sunset, if I cut the camera's shutter speed right back, you can see it is in fact tonight's full moon.


Old Kitty said...

Hoorah for gas powered fridges!

That full moon is gorgeous!

:-) Take care

mshatch said...

Yay! You have a fridge! And hot and cold running water, shower, toilet! It must be wonderful after so long without. I remember being without power a few days and it was hell I tell you!

And that is the coolest looking fridge I've seen in a while :)

Lisa said...

We city folks do tend to take certain things for electricity! Does this mean that you're lights will have to run on a gas source as well?