Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hot down this way again, also high winds.
Bushfires across the state, fortunately nothing near us.
 Now to yesterday’s WIIW.
Ann guessed: “Looks like a piece of some kind of corrugated metal. Magnified. Like maybe a tin can magnified.”
It is fairly magnified, but it isn’t metal.

Old Kitty, guessed: “Tin foil?”

Marcy also thought metal: “reflection off metal would be my ball park guess, but what kind of metal...?”
Sorry no points tonight :-(

John Gray guessed: “Tree bark?”
Well John that earns a good 90%; it isn’t bark on a trunk or branch, but it is absolutely the skin of part of a tree.
These are seed capsules of a Eucalyptus tree.  They are very hard and woody, adapted to protect the seeds from the harsh conditions here in Oz.
This particular species has very handsome flowers.

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mshatch said...

wow. I was way off! Cool flowers :)