Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wild-flower Watch

Some of you might remember that about eleven months ago I did a post which I called “Killers in the Cemetery

Well as I said yesterday with spring in the air I have wildflowers on the mind. It is a bit early really, but over the next month or so the wildflowers will really spring up.
So today I went back to The Gold Rush era Queenstown Cemetery just to see what has started flowering. Time and weather permitting I hope to get back there most weeks throughout spring to see what delights appear.

Now a warning! Anyone who gets bored with piccies of flowers should come back tomorrow!
Today there were a few flowers beginning the spring flush.
Just outside the cemetery were a couple of common garden plants that have escaped into the bush.
European Snowdrops 
And this Freesia is just coming out.

Now to the natives. Today all the babies of the bush have come out (you’ll see what I mean in a moment) 

This is a native pea, in colour they are like “showy parrot peas” but they aren’t that species.
And another piccie of the same plant. These flowers are tiny
A third shot in which I have included my thumbnail as a scale.
I have no idea what these are. Some kind of bulb is all I would hazard.
Oz has over 20,000 native plant species, even professional botanists are often not sure what they are looking at. And I am no botanist.
Once again this is a tiny flower.
I can be a little more sure with these.
This is one of the “Bearded Heaths” a Leucopogon species, which species I do not know.
You can see why the common name is “bearded” these are hairier than I am!
As you can see I stuck my thumb in again to give a scale. The heath flowers are minute!
My favourites are the sundews. Of course these aren’t flowering yet, they are fresh seedlings just a few days old.
Sundews are of course carnivorous, each of those droplets is a sticky trap for tiny insects like ants.
When the leaves first unfold they are this gorgeous red,
but after a day or two in the sun they settle down to their normal green


mshatch said...

I LOVE piccies of flowers, even more so when they're ones I'm unfamiliar with. Gorgeous!!! Take more !!!

Anonymous said...

Cream small flower is Stackhousia monogyna - Creamy Candles.
Beard Heath is Leucopogon vergatus - common beard heath.
Red Sundew is Drosera Whittikeri - scented sundew.
Lovely looking closeup at wildflowers!

Lisa said...

Wow - you've already got gorgeous flowers blooming! Those sundew are really interesting.

Kathleen Jones said...

I'm never bored with looking at Oz flora and fauna. Love the bearded heaths and the pea plant!

Carolyn V said...

Wow. Those are gorgeous!