Friday, September 21, 2012

A failed clue

Well my clue of last night.
Jai updated her guess from a car to a bus.  
Well you are getting closer it is public transport 50%

Carolyn gave up on police lights and admitted she was stumped.
I can see that so 30%

Susan switched from front lights on a vehicle to “dashboard indicators”
Well Susan I guess your first score is 50% but that falls to 20% for the second one!

Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty)
Went from “ a truck” to “an automobile” to surrendering!

John G said “a sedan”

And John D said “A Toyota Celica front end grill!”
I remember those Celicas and the piccie looked very like one! I’ll award special points of 40% for that!

Well Jai is the closest, but
 The clue from yesterday showed it was a vehicle that can travel in either direction.
Trains do that, but they don’t need indicators. So what is it?

Well when Aussies think of Melbourne their first thought is usually “cold wet and miserable”
And to be fair Melbourne has lived up to that reputation this past winter.

Then the next thing they think is “Trams”

And that is the solution to our problem. A Melbourne Tram.

This one is turning out of Spring Street in front of the Victorian Parliament House, into the top end of Burke Street.
To be fair to John D who is also an Aussie the mental image trams usually conjure is an old fashioned “W Class” not an ugly 1980’s vintage machine like this one

Like trains they travel happily in either direction so they have headlights at both ends.
Unlike trains they share the roads with other vehicles so they need brake lights at both ends and indicators as well.
A "W Class"


Old Kitty said...

My third guess would have been "a tram". Honest!! LOL! take care

Jai Joshi said...

I was thinking it might be a tram but since I don't see trams much I couldn't be sure. We don't have them in Dallas which is a crying shame.


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Darn. Got me again!

Carolyn V said...

So close, yet so far....but I'll take the 30% ;)