Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wild Flower Watch III

What Happened to Spring?
Well it is meant to be spring down this way.
It seemed like it in the middle of the week with bright sun and warm 27°C (80°F) weather.
But come the weekend it was miserable, yesterday it was sleeting!

I was worried that I wouldn’t manage to get down to Queenstown Cemetery to check the wild flowers.
But this morning the weather relented a little. It was still overcast at 7:00 when I was up so I snuck out between showers leaving Deb to sleep in.
So what was there this week?
 The first thing I saw were these buds. 
I was hoping they are a native, but thinking about it they might be an exotic weed possibly a freesia, perhaps we’ll see next week.

Last week I found one solitary Waxlip Orchid (Glossodia major), and was hoping to catch another of the beauties again.
So I was relieved to find this one. You can see how wet it was from the drops of rain on this flower.
The same flower from a different angle.
You have to watch where you are treading because hiding among the grasses are all kinds of delights.
The little peas that were so vibrant a couple of weeks ago are looking worse for wear.
Except another they seem to be budding for another show.
There were more Goodenia this week.
Just a couple of Blue Flax Lily (Dianella caerulea) flowers were poking out. These hang face down so I had my camera on its back looking up at this.

The piccie is hopelessly overexposed because of the light from the sky, but I thought it was an interesting shot, with the light shining through the petals.
I’ve included this piccie I took last year to give a better idea of what they look like.
I needn’t have worried about finding Waxlips, as I climbed the hill further into the cemetery I realised the week has brought literally hundreds of them out
Here is a little clump of them.
The wind began to pick up and the rain threatened so I just paused to catch a shot of this Bearded Heath before I left.
I can’t wait to see what is on show next week!


mshatch said...

love the waxlips - so pretty! And the overexposed piccie is kinda cool.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Gorgeous, as always. Sorry about the sleet. Sounds like spring is just teasing you now, but you'll probably be complaining about the heat in no time.