Friday, July 19, 2013

One Guess, One Winner.

Well there was only one guess for this week's WIIW
I thought it was easier than recently and said so.

Linda G disagreed with the statement: "Easier? You must be kidding!"

Well Linda I have to say it was easy because your throwaway guess: "Looks like a demented termite's path over a piece of petrified wood to me. *grin*"

Is so close to the truth I have to give you 100%

Not petrified wood, it is tree bark. Not a termite, but a moth larvae.

Meet a Scribbly Gum, this common Eucalyptus is so named because the boring caterpillars leave these amazing marks on their bark. This is one where they have been particularly busy!


mshatch said...

Darn I missed this! Not that I would have guessed correctly... Pretty cool that a bug can make all those marks.

Linda G. said...

Ha! And here I thought I was being totally off the wall. *grin*