Monday, July 1, 2013

Flowers in Winter

On Friday, on our way home from Point Lookout, we took a detour up into the Cathedral Rock National Park.

It was wet, bitterly cold and threatening snow, so we didn't dare do the three hour walk up to Cathedral Rock itself. But a few things caught my eye.

Some of the granite boulders are worth a shot

The colour and texture of this fallen gum leaf, with red galls, against the granite and multicolour lichen.
Of course most Oz trees are evergreen Eucalyptus species so we expect green leaves in winter.

Finally, another fact of the Oz bush is while many flowers come out in spring, something is flowering pretty much all year, even in sub-alpine areas like Cathedral Rock.
So I was not surprised to see exquisite Banksia flowers.


Old Kitty said...

That Banksia bloom!! Wow! Take care

Kathleen Jones said...

The leaf with red galls is wonderful - and Banksia is one of my favourites.

mshatch said...

How pretty! It looks like someone fashioned miniature curling wires and stuck them in the petals. We have nothing that blooms here in the winter.