Saturday, July 6, 2013

Al Scores!

Well we are back home after a very tiring couple of days.

As I said the other day we were helping our eldest E move from Queensland.

Well she was moving from Kingaroy QLD to Yamba NSW. As I said Kingaroy is about 7 hours from here (590 km or 370 miles). Yamba which is on the way is about two hours from here.

E didn't get a quote less than $2,500 for professional removalists. Which is highway robbery.

Enter the bunnies parents to save the day. 

So the plan was to drive up the day before yesterday, load up our trailer with E's worldly possessions and drive back to Yamba yesteday, unload and then come home.

Of course things started badly, loading took longer than we expected. Then the traffic gods intervened - in a bad way

Part of the trip back is the Goldcoast Motorway, between Brisbane and the Goldcoast. It is probably the only 8 lane superhighway that runs any kind of distance in Oz. Normally it flows reasonably well.

Deb and I set off from Kingaroy towing our laden trailer, while E and her sisters stayed back to finish the last of the cleaning. They planned to catch up on the five hour drive because we would be travelling slower because of the trailer.

As Deb and I hit the outskirts of Brisbane rush-hour began. The traffic was mad but with 8 lanes it didn't slow too much.

For the girls following behind it was a whole different story. About an hour behind us by that stage they hit the motorway as it was closed down for roadworks. Eight lanes down to two. It took them three hours to go 10 miles!

Meanwhile Deb and I had reached Yamba to unload at a house we didn't have keys to!

End of story, we stayed the night in Yamba at a motel and unloaded this morning.

So we staggered home this evening nearly 24 hours late...

Finally, on a different note back to WIIW.

Al wins this time, while people were in the right kingdom with guesses of roots and seaweed none were close enough to earn major points.

I posted a piccie of a nice Banksia bloom a few days ago.

Following flowers come seeds, and this is what Banksia seed capsules look like.
Hard and woody, many will not open until after a bush fire. Don't they look weird?


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

That looks like a plant from outer space. Wild-looking!

Sorry for all the glitches with the move, but you and your wife are good eggs for doing that for your daughter.

mshatch said...

That is a very strange flower/plant - cool looking though :)

Jai Joshi said...

I hope your eldest is thankful for you both! You're heroes.