Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beauty and the Beast?

As you know I only work three days a week these days.

Well because I have to attend a couple of meetings later in the week I am not working today.

Which is good because it gives me a chance to take it easy.

In search of a warmer day I headed down out of the mountains to Coffs Harbour.

Down on the coast it was a typical winter day at 20 C (68F). I just love a sub-tropical climate :-) 

I had a short stroll through the North Coast Regional Botanical Garden which mostly features Oz natives.

One of the few piccies I took was of this Abutilon flower (a native related to Hibiscus I'm not sure of the species).
Not a great piccie, but as I was shooting it I was distracted  bye the stare of an inhabitant of the shrub.

In spite of her aggressive stare I couldn't resist getting a closer shot...


mshatch said...

Pretty flower! Scary bug!

John Gray said...

Stunning wasp STUNNING

Lisa said...

Creepy bug but great shot of it!