Sunday, May 12, 2013


Well work on the cottage has been brought to a screeching halt this weekend by persistent rain.

Looking on the bright side it has made me have the weekend off. Which is probably a good thing given I have been running myself pretty ragged with both the day job and the rebuild.

Taking advantage of the rain Deb and I drove to our nearest town Dorrigo, which lies about 40 minutes away.

I mentioned a little while ago that there are meant to be 200 waterfalls nearby. Just outside Dorrigo is the Dangar Falls.

Sheltering my tripod under an umbrella I managed to capture some shots.
Most, like this one, were spoiled by the drifting rain spattering the camera lens.

But with determined wiping and quick shooting I managed to get a few I was happy with before retreating back to the car.


mshatch said...

Oh, very nice. What a view!

Kathleen Jones said...

This is so beautiful, Al! It's raining for England in Italy at the moment too - there's so much water in the atmosphere.