Friday, May 24, 2013

Everybody is Half Right

Well not surprisingly everybody who put in a guess for  WIIW guessed something along the lines of “bolt” or “screw” .

They are bolts (or screws) so everybody has scored 50%.

Why 50%?
Because no one was close on what the bolts are fixed to!
Here they are.
Bolts on the front of one of the old farm Land-Rovers.  When I say old I mean it, this one is a 1963 model. These bolts are to carry a spare wheel on the bonnet (hood)
 I took this through the windscreen on the track between my Mum's house and our cottage.
This section lies between the cottage and the main road.

You can see the effects of the recent rain.
Hence a 4X4.
As a by the by, this is the road I will be using to go to work once we move in.

Two wheel drives are OK on the track in the dry. but in the wet four wheel drive is the way to go.

Speaking of the cottage, last week end was dry so we continued with the cladding.
First I continued along the bottom of the east wall.

Then along the west wall.

Up around the kitchen window on the west side.

And between the kitchen and the lounge room. As I have said before the little tank stand is for the hot water system.

Hot water is provided (will be once it is reconnected)  from a wood fired slow combustion stove. The wood is dead timber cut off the property, free and environmentally neutral.

 Continuing on around the bathroom window.
As you can see the place is fairly small. But given it is just the two of us these days, I think we will manage.
 And finally more of the east wall.
Progress is not quite as fast as I would like. The weather has been a bugger (as we Aussies would say).
Rain a fortnight ago, a clear weekend and it is raining again today.


Linda G. said...

Darn. I was going to say the nuts & bolts were on a Land Rover, but I couldn't decide between the '63 and the '64 models, so I left that part off. ;)

Great progress on the house, in spite of the weather!

mshatch said...

@Linda lol, very funny!

and I'll echo her 'great progress on the house.' It's coming together but holy cow, that is one rough road in and out of your place! Will you get much snow?