Saturday, May 4, 2013

Linda cracks it again (almost)

Well this week's WIIW didn't cause too many problems.

No one was exactly right, but Linda G was in the right area.

Linda G saw the image and said: "Considering all the rain you were blogging about, I'd hazard a guess that it's the top of a parking meter in a flood."

It is flood waters, and I can see why you'd say a parking meter, the curved shape kind of fits.
So I guess that earns 70%.

The other guesses kind of followed in Linda's wake (pun intended)

Marcy said: "I thought it was something on a boat but really I don't know. Linda's guess sounds much better than mine".
Yours isn't bad 50%.

Susan said: "Lordy, I sure HOPE that isn't the top of a parking meter. Definitely water (duh!) but what else, I don't know. My better half said maybe a sump pump?"
 It is nearly as bad as a parking meter. But not a sump pump 50%

Misha said: "Hahaha I was going to say the same thing as Linda and the others"
I guess that is 50% too.

SO here it is, as Linda guessed floodwater, but a park bench not a parking meter.


mshatch said...

Is that red thing a light? I sure wouldn't have guessed that!

Al said...

no it is just a manufacturer's label

Linda G. said...

I'm awfully glad the flooding wasn't quite as bad as I thought!