Monday, May 20, 2013

Domes and Delay

Well it has taken me an absurd amount of time to get back to posting.
 As I have said too often recently life is busy.
The day job and the rebuild are taking up more hours than I have most days and the blog is what has given.
After the WIIW of a fortnight ago I thought I would try a double bluff so I posted this image for WIIW.

But my attempt to deceive was blown out of the water by the first guess.

Jennifer (AKA Old Kitty) guessed:"Is that a dome? Like St Paul's dome!??"

Well it isn't as grand as St Paul's but you have hit a hole in one! 100%

Linda G said: "I was thinking some sort of dome, too, so it's probably something weird, like an extremely odd turtle shell, because you're tricky that way."

I guess that earns 80% because of the sheer cynicism you are exhibiting :-)

Marcy guessed: "Yep, dome would be my guess, like the kind on an observatory."

A dome it is - 100%

Susan said: "Let's see, judging by last week's pic, this one must be a close-up of an exotic tree. Yeah, that's it. The little-known, but highly sought after Australian Geodesic Mostus Rarus.
Or not. I got nothing. It kinda looks like part of a dome, so that must mean it's something entirely different."

Well I have to pay your mock Latin for Rare Dome, so I guess that earns 80%

So where is this dome?
I give you The Supreme Court of Victoria (glimpsed between its more modern neighbours).

A question to leave you with: when would something that is "Supreme" not be at the top of the pile?


Old Kitty said...

Erm.. when they are not Diana Ross? Of the Supremes? Oh alright! Lame joke!! *crawls back under rock in shame*!! LOL!

Yay!! It's a lovely dome!!! take care

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Um, I do not know. So tell us, oh wise one.

Lisa said...

Don't you stump us enough, Al?!